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Patient Feedback

3rd February 2018

Post Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

"I came to see Mr Hettige after doing my research and on the advice of a friend. Mr Hettige instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He examined my nose and clearly explained the procedure to me. I am really delighted with the results and have had so many compliments since my surgery. It has given me my confidence back. I wish I had found Mr Hettige earlier and can’t recommend him highly enough."

- Mrs C Symmonds

14th April 2018

Post Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Polyps

"I've experienced persistent sinus problems for many years. I've been to a number of other ENT surgeons and had numerous revision sinus operations. Right from the start, I could tell Mr Hettige's approach was much more comprehensive. He expertly investigated why my polyps were much more aggressive and his complete revision surgery meant that I am now on top of my troublesome condition for the first time with minimal medication requirements. The ability to breathe clearly and smell my wife's cooking is more than I had wished for. If I get any rare flare-ups now I go straight to see him. I just wish I had found him sooner. I would recommend Mr Hettige and his team to patients seeking the very highest standard of care."

- Richard Barraclough

10th November 2017

Post traumatic Septorhinoplasty

I had a wonderful experience in choosing to have my septorhinoplasty with Mr Hettige. He understood my concerns and requirements, and even though I had an injury, I wanted to have a natural non-operated looking result which is so important in my line of work being front of house. The results are even better than I had imagined, and I am performing better in the gym now that I can breathe better and get a good nights sleep! I would recommend Mr Hettige to close friends, and have done so already"
– Krishan

30th March 2018

Post Coblation Tonsillotomy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

"Our son was having a terrible time sleeping. We just couldn't get him to settle and his frequent awakenings at night were scary. We later found out thanks to Mr Hettige's expert diagnosis and tests that he was suffering with obstructive sleep apnoea. I appreciated the way Mr Hettige explained things clearly to us and the possible techniques and risks associated with each option. As a parent you want whats best for your child, and Mr Hettige and his team were certainly that! Harry is now thriving and even has his first school rugby game on Saturday. Thank you to Mr Hettige and his colleagues, who were professional and courteous throughout."

- Janet (Harry's Mum)

18th July 2019

Difficult to Treat Nasal Polyps & Sinus Disease

"I have been suffering from pretty aggressive Polyps for over 7 years, that coupled with Allergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis has meant that for this period of time, I have had no sense of smell, taste, have suffered from extreme dryness to the mouth, sleep issues, extreme headaches and a two year lung problem which at one point not only did I think my days were numbered but actually got misdiagnosed as COPD which caused an element of depression, to put it mildly.


During this period of time, I had three FESS and one tidy-up procedure by other surgeons, each lasting no more than an hour and none which relieved me in any way shape or form. Not even for a few days. Only Prednisolone alleviated my symptoms and as you probably know, not something you should take more than two or three times a year. In 2018 I again got referred to a specialist, went through the usual hoops to get seen and was informed that my prior specialist had retired. Bad news, as I really rated him, or so I thought.


I met Mr Hettige and was immediately bowled over by his passion, minute one. Not just his passion but the determined and dogged language he used left me feeling relieved and actually very confident in him. He is every bit the Dr/Specialist you could wish for and one that you can have total faith and trust, not only with the outcome but the entire journey.


In May 2019 I had my 4th FESS procedure and a 3.5 hour one at that, so painless that I could have gone to work the next day. Very little in terms of discharge which wasn’t what I was expecting and more importantly I felt like a new man. Yesterday I had my first post-op check-up, over two months later, two months whereby all is very, very well. The result of that check-up was that my sinus is in pristine condition. Of course due to the aggressiveness of the disease I will have to keep rinsing with Saline and using Flixonase nasules but I’ve come to enjoy the feeling of everything feeling very clean post wash. Mr Hettige has changed my life for now for sure, and I couldn’t recommend him enough, including his staff, his methods and his procedure. My overarching feeling is that he didn’t take any shortcuts where others did and nailed the procedure first time. An absolute master at his trade. Thank you so, so much."

- SJP, Parkside Suite

30th June 2019

Badly Deviated Septum & Blocked, Crooked Nose

"I met Mr Hettige earlier this year after a referral from my GP regarding a possible septal deviation. During the first visit, Mr Hettige examined my nose and confirmed my suspicions - a badly deviated septum (as well as enlarged turbinates). I had many questions and concerns, and Mr Hettige put my mind at rest as he talked about the options available to me. He explained, using illustrations and diagrams what was going on with my septum and permanently enlarged turbinates, the causes of these, but crucially, how surgery would aim to correct this. He talked me through the procedure, recovery times, and returning to work after. Given this would be my first time undergoing general anaesthetic, Mr Hettige did a great job of reassuring me. On the day of the surgery he came to visit beforehand and again talked through the surgery, its risks, and the format - putting any nerves and anxiety at rest. Following surgery Mr Hettige was there to mention that the operation was a success. I think one thing that really sets Mr Hettige apart was his attention to detail during the first couple of weeks after surgery. Himself and his Assistant Kate Breslin were amazing in replying to emails with questions about aftercare, or risk exposures, and they continued to ensure I was kept up-to-date. After a minor scare, I emailed requesting advice and he invited me in to see him in clinic - going over and beyond constantly. I have just had my 12 week check-up, and testament to the work he has invested in this particular case, the site has healed well and has completely changed my breathing experience. I couldn't be more grateful for the work he has done. If anyone is considering surgery for the first time, please be assured you are in experienced and trustworthy hands!"

- James P, Spire Thames Valley Hospital

27th Nov 2019

Complex Frontal Sinus Surgery

"I met Mr. Hettige in July 2018, having been referred by another ENT consultant. My condition was complex (frontal sinus mucocele), but I immediately felt at ease with this very kind, patient man. From the initial consultation, followed by MRI and CT scans, Mr. Hettige took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure I was to have. Since my operation, I have been reviewed on several occasions, with more reviews to follow and at no time have I felt rushed. My numerous questions have always been answered in a way that I could understand. I would thoroughly recommend this consultant."

Penelope W, Princess Margaret Hospital

22th Feb 2020

Terrible Snoring

"After suffering with bad snoring and terrible sleep all my life, at 31 finally someone has shed light on what's bothering me! Mr Hettige listened both to me and my partner, did a comprehensive examination of me and explained in thorough detail what he felt was causing the issue and how it can be rectified. He was kind and gentle throughout and I honestly cannot fault his care at all. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT consultant!"

- Mr & Mrs Edwards, Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead

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