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Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

Also known as "Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty or a Nose-Job"

Cosmetic nasal surgery is concerned with altering the shape or appearance of the nose.

You can choose to adjust the shape of the nose in a number of different ways such as:

- straighten the nose                                                   - reduce the bump (dorsal hump)

- narrow the nose                                                         - adjust the nasal tip (lift it up, push it down, narrow it, straighten it)

- narrow the base                                                         - smooth the contours of the nose

- augment a small nose                                              - reduce/refine a bigger nose

Surgery can be performed via a 'no scar' approach if possible. If you are undergoing more extensive surgery or to adjust the tip of the nose, a small cut at the base of the nose may be required. This tends to heal beautifully and is barely noticeable after a few months. We use the latest techniques and graft materials to achieve the desired, natural-looking, long-term results.


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