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Nasal Allergy & Hayfever

"Allergic Rhinitis, Non-Allergic Rhinitis & Other Forms of Nasal Congestion"

Nasal allergies are becoming more common-place. We don't fully understand why, but we are getting better at diagnosing and managing them. Using the latest techniques of investigation, we can identify the potential triggers and with my network of allergy experts, we can help guide you on a step-wise, evidence-based management that suits you. Possible interventions include:

- Skin Prick Allergy Tests

- Blood-tests to common allergens          

- Advice & Education on allergic trigger avoidance                                                      

- The latest step-wise, evidence-based medical management options that suit you

- Sub-lingual Immunotherapy to Grass & Tree Pollen and House Dust Mite (prescription by post)

Although there are no surgical cures for allergy, there are a number of surgical interventions that can facilitate the long-term management and reduce your symptom-load:

- Inferior Turbinate Reduction / Turbinoplasty (Remodelling)

- Posterior Nerve Section / Vidian Neurectomy (Decreasing the abnormal nervous input)

- One of the first centres in the UK to offer Cryotherapy (freezing the nerves) to reduce congestion and runny nose

We also have access to the latest scientific techniques including immunotherapy and allergen desensitization (where appropriate) which you can explore with your consultant.


To find out more, or book into a consultation with our surgeon, please click on the button below:

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