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Sinus Infections / Sinusitis

Including Acute, Chronic, Recurrent Sinusitis & Nasal Polyps

Sinusitis, or Rhinosinusitis as it is sometimes referred to, affects 10% of the population and can severely impact your ability to work, sleep and ability to perform your activities of daily living. It can cause symptoms of nasal blockage, a runny nose, reduction in smell, aching around the nose and face and post nasal drip resulting in a cough. It presents in a number of forms and a correct investigation and diagnosis can lead to targeted management and alleviation of the symptoms.


Medical & Surgical Interventions we offer include:

- Appropriate 'patient-specific' targeted medical treatment

- Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

- Polyps removal

- Balloon Sinuplasty (Sinus dilation with minimally invasive balloon technology)

- Advanced and extended sinus surgery for polyp disease

- Aspirin Desensitisation          

- Support for related conditions such as Asthma, COPD and breathing difficulties.

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