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General ENT

General Ear, Nose & Throat Problems

Mr Hettige is fully trained to provide general, paediatric and emergency ENT advice.


The following list details some of the pathologies he commonly sees and manages in out-patients::


- Hearing Loss

- Discharging ears

Cosmetic ear surgery

- Tinnitus

- Dizziness

- Chronic Ear Ache


- Nasal Blockage / Congestion

- Cosmetic nasal surgery

- Runny Nose (Rhinorrhoea)

- Nasal Allergy

- Sinus Infections

- Polyps

Disorders of olfaction (Sense of smell)

- Breathing disorders

- Snoring and sleep disorders


Throat disorders

Tonsil problems

Voice disorders

Thyroid disorders

Swallowing disorders

Salivary gland problems

Mr Hettige will see, diagnose and manage your symptoms. There are certain specialist conditions where one of his experienced consultant colleagues may be more expertly qualified to offer surgical intervention, and so onward referral to them may follow.

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