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The Ethos Of Our Surgical Approach

The decisions surrounding surgery can sometimes seem overwhelming.


The questions our patients often ask are along the following lines:

  • Do I want/need surgery?

  • Is it the right time in my life to have surgery now?

  • Can I afford the surgery/ will it be covered under my insurance?

  • Is my surgeon experienced to perform the surgery I need?

  • What will the recovery from surgery be like and how much time do I need off work?


At The Windsor Nose clinic we know these decisions can seem daunting. That is why the surgical team is on hand at every stage to provide you with a clear explanation in your pre-operative consultations, and make you feel at ease to ask any questions you may have.


With over 10 years of operating in and around the nose, Mr Hettige has a great enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to offer his patients. He started out fixing the serious nasal deformities after accidents and traumatic injuries, and those skills have been built up over the course of his training and sub-specialty fellowships. He is the only specialist Rhinology surgeon in the region that operates primarily on noses in his NHS practice, and therefore uses these skills on a day-to-day basis. 


Mr Hettige is not just a Facial Plastic specialist but also an ENT surgeon. This means that as well as appreciating the aesthetics of the final result he also places great emphasis on the dynamics of your nasal airflow, ensuring the nose you end up with will have function and beauty.  

Mr Hettige will talk you through the imaging and processes around your surgery, along with any steps for aftercare. Any questions regarding the anaesthetic can also be discussed with our friendly and expert anaesthetists prior to your operation. 


The risks associated with the surgical procedure will always be openly and honestly discussed with you, along with the expected benefits of your surgery to help the shared decision-making process and decide whats right for you.

To find out more, or book into a consultation, please click on the button below:

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